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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Mobile Ticket Issuing: Data for the tickets is saved within a flat file database or similar for easy removal, modification and adding of data without the need for altering the application.

  • Mobile POS: A highly secure, wireless, electronic funds transfer at Point of Sale (POS) terminal. Devices communicate using TCP/IP via public wireless networks thus making it suitable for payments anywhere.

  • Mobile Meter Reading: This innovative technology provides a less intrusive meter-reading process for our customers and accurate, real-time information on energy usage.

  • Mobile Parking Enforcement: A solution to manage and track parking tickets where records are electronically batch uploaded for further processing.

  • Mobile Traffic Citation Solution: Enables writing of electronic tickets on handhelds, it increases accuracy, reduces paperwork, and gives aggregate information on citations that can be used to deploy officers to areas where accidents and violations occur most frequently.

  • Mobile Route Sales Solution : A solution that enables end-to-end visibility and supply chain execution control by combining Mobile Route Sales with proof delivery and on-the-spot data collection.

  • Mobile Stock Take: A solution that allows for physical verification of stock counts done through a PDA on real time in Warehouses and Store/Shop Shelves.